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In the beautyfull enviornments around Mjøskanten, we offer amazing experiences that challenges you outside your comfort zone. Does your business wish an exciting day with accomplishment, excitement, development and building a community? We can put together an activity package that fits your needs and wishes.

We offer these activities

  • Climbing

  • Axe throwing

  • Longbow

  • Balance lenses

  • Other ground activities f.ex kubb

The climbing park is also well dedicated to the business family day. In total we have 11 different courses in different difficulty levels, 1 practice trail, 2 children courses, 2 orange, 2 green, 2 blue, 1 purple and 1 red course.

We can also offer to give hot grills, sausages with bread/lompe. We also offer to help with preparing the food if wished. NOTE! We unfortunately do not have the possibility to take actions according to ones allergies and diets, but you can bring your own food in this case.

Please contact here for a non-binding talk about how we can make an offer fitting for your needs. Prise will vary on amount and wishes.

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