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Can my child climb alone?
In order to climb our courses alone you must be of age 12 and above! Chidlren below 12 years must climb with an adult above 18 years! Max 2 children per adult.
Children that only uses the children courses do not need an adult in the courses with them. Since the courses are barely 1 meter high an adult can walk beside on the ground.

Do I need to book even though I got season pass?
Yes, all climbers in the park must reserve harnesses. This is for your safety, registrating in according to Covid-19 measures and that the park can be full on busy days.

When and where do I pay?

When you arrive tell us your name the booking is on, then you pay at the reception.

Can I climb all courses when I've payed?
There are different prices depending on your height. 
Below 115cm: Children, orange and lightgreen courses.
Between 115cm-140cm: Children, orange, green and lightblue courses.
Above 140cm: All courses.

Can I go in to the park even though I am not climbing?
The park is open for everybody, and you can ofcourse join even if you are not climbing. Do bring dogs or pram (baby carrier).

Is it possible to buy food at the reception?
We only have typical kiosk goods such as mineral water, ice tea, kuli, chocolate, lollipops, rett i koppen (insta cops by adding boiling water), and more. There are restaurants in the area. The restaurant Kari Sofie on Jernbanemuseet sells sandwiches of different varities, waffles and pizza. At Odden Spiseri og Catering there is lunch, starters, main dishes and dessert. Kiosk Monsen on Torp offers a lovely menu of chinese food, waffles and karbonade.

Where do I park?
The parkinglot is by the main entrance by Domkirkeodden. Look at the map at the end of the page.

Do I need gloves in order to climb?
Yes, due to Covid-19 it is required to climb with gloves in our park. You can bring your own or buy from us for 55 kr. Gloves without fingertip paddings is not allowed.

Can I bring my own helmet?
It is allowed to bring your own helmet as long as it qualifies as climbing helmet. Bycicle/motorcycle helmet is not allowed.

Can I pay with cash?
We do not take cash unfortunately, but we do take cards and Vipps.

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