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You must have gone through security training before you do any activities in the climbing park.

  • It is prohibited to do activities in the park without proper safety training.

  • Be sure to have fully understood what was gone through in the safety training.

  • If something is unclear, as our staff.

  • You must climb the practice course before climbing the other courses. 

You are in charge of your own and childrens activity and safety in the climbing courses.

  • People below 15 years shall have a approvement by the parent in order to participate.

  • Children below 12 years shall be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Safety gear

  • The climbing harness has three buckles - one on the hip and one in each veinloop.

  • The harness must be tight at all times.

  • If you are in any insecurities about the harnesses, contact our staff immediately.

  • Make sure you are at all times secured with a minimum of 1 buckle or 1 trinse.

  • In each obstacle you shall be secured with 2 buckles or trinse.

  • In climbing walls you are to be secured and checked by an instructor before climbing.


  • Read the post about each activity / obstacle and check that you are correctly secured before you move to an activity / obstacle.

  • Obstacles and activities have height and age requirements - read the post before starting the course/ activity.

  • Green course minimum height is 115cm.

  • Blue course minimum height is 115cm.

  • Purple and red course minimum height is 140 cm

  • Move calm and controlled through the activites and obstacles.

  • It is only allowed 1 person per obstacle (unless it is described differently), wait until it is cleared before starting the obstacle.

  • On each platform between each obstacle there can be allowed up to 3 people at a time. Wait on the platform until the obstacle is ready.

  • On the zip-lines you must check that nobody is on the line. If in doubt you must wait until it is cleared.

  • Do not touch the zip-line when sliding on it.

  • If any fault or missing parts of obstacle please contact staff immediately.

  • Maximal weight for climbers: 120 kg. 

Access to activities is denied for:

  • People under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

  • People below the height requirements for each course.

  • Pregnants.

  • People with heart- or lungproblems.

  • People with back- or neckproblems.

  • People with severe injuries or sufferings.

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