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Want to celebrate you birthday in the park? We offer "Klatrekampen birthday party"

- a birthday celebration filled with exciting climbing, sausages and sodas.
A birthday party inspired by TV2's TV program "Klatrekampen" which is filmed in our climbing park at Domkirkeodden.

Klatrekampen-package consists of

  • One drink pr. pers (mineralwater, ice tea, kuli)

  • Sausage in bread/lumpe, 3 pieces. pr. pers. NOTE! We unfortunately do not have the possibility to take actions according to ones allergies and diets, but you can bring your own food in this case. 

  • Fun groungactivities like: giant slingshot, balance maze, obstacle course on ground level

  • Golden helmet and a little gift to the birthday kid. 

  • Free climbing in the park. NOTE! Remember that children below 12 years must be accompanied by a guardain above 18 years old. Max two children per guardian. Guardian/adults climbs for free.

When you arrive to the park we start the grills, and helps in preparing your food if wished. When the meal is done, you will get climbing gears and security training before going into the courses.

Self-declaration must be filled before arriving the park!

Please contact here for a non-binding talk about booking and events of "Klatrekampen birthday party".

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